camembert country Les Vallées d'Auge et du Merlerault

Les Vallées d'Auge et du Merlerault

Visit Camembert Country in Normandy - France.

For a holiday in France or even just a weekend in Normandy, you will find that Camembert Country has many irresistable advantages. Near Paris and the Normandy Landing Beaches, this part of Normandy is THE place to be when you visit France.  Beautiful in any season, our villages are picturesque and welcoming all year round.  Sample the French way of life......

  • French food : visit our farms and taste our "famous four" local products with AOC labels guaranteeing their quality:  Norman Cider, Calvados, Pommeau and, of course, Camembert cheese.


  • Nature lovers : discover our coarse fishing, our mountain biking and equestrian trails, our 18 waymarked walks on footpaths and deserted roadways and our natural sites where our flora and fauna are preserved.


  • World War 2 : The Battle of Normandy - inspect one of the few remaining Tiger Tanks and discover the strategic importance of the high ground overlooking the Falaise-Chambois Pocket.  Find out how it was here - where the Saxon "Gomery" clan became the Montgomery family - that the destiny of Field Marshall Rommel was sealed, and how Margaret Mitchell, the American author of "Gone with the Wind", became closely linked to the town of Vimoutiers.

Camembert Country, a region that harbors many surprises.....