camembert country its History

its History

Camembert, the story of a national emblem.

During the French Revolution, those monks and priests who refused to swear allegiance to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy were prosecuted and became known as "refractory priests" . One of them - known to be from the region of Brie near Paris - came to the Manor of Beaumoncel in the village of Camembert on his way to seek asylum and protection. Marie Harel was already producing cheeses. Observing  her at her work, the priest gave her a recipe used in his region which resulted in  the formation of a crust around the soft cheese. This meant that her cheeses were easier to transport from market to market, the refining was different, and the taste and texture were changed. Thus was born the ancestor of the Camembert cheese that we know today.

At the town of Surdon, there is great excitement. The Emperor Napoléon III has come to inaugurate the new railway station. The whole village is cheering but Victor Paynel has only one aim in mind: somehow he must make the Emperor taste his cheese, or more exactly the one that his grandmother (Marie Harel) created : Camembert .
Success is immediate. Victor Paynel becomes the official supplier to the Imperial Palace. Following its success there, Camembert became popular in the markets of Paris.

However, it was really popularized during the the First World War because it formed part of the rations given to the French soldiers.
It was from this time that Camembert came to enjoy a reputation at first national, then international, that still shows no sign of abating today.


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